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  • We won't be here forever
  • But we are trying to create something that will
Our Mission


Teobyte passionately committed to providing cutting-edge solutions and equipment for use worldwide across different areas of life.

Teobyte is a solutions provider specializing in control systems, tactical IFF systems, protective equipment, tactical augmented reality, synthetic training environment, VR solutions, power generation, power management and integrated systems.

With robust design and development expertise, extensive experience, significant investment in efficient, high-volume manufacturing, and vertical integration, Teobyte is driven by a fundamental and powerful idea: delivering the solutions that change the life.

This ethos is embraced by employees at every level and across every department within the Company. Teobyte’s mission is built into every Company effort, activity, and product line and fuels Teobyte’s product development, design, and R&D efforts.

We take immense pride in the impact that our work has and that our users rely on our solutions in life-or-death situations.

We take this to heart from the beginning of the product life-cycle to the end. This duty to our users is always forefront in our minds. When users around the world use solutions emblazoned with the Teobyte logo, we want them to know that this represents highest quality and reliability to the last. We want the line from the work we do on a daily basis to the real world impact is straight and clear.